This section is here to show you my stance on a multitude of issues. 
I am not above being educated further on anything I have written here If for ANY reason my stance on these things changes, I will add the change in it and explain what changed my stance on it so that you know I am not hiding or altering my views on any whim or to ingratiate myself with any group or special interest. 
 These are my firm views so that you know who you are voting for.  Some of these speak for themselves and need no explanation, others do.  There may be some that turn away some voters and if you wish to question me further on any of these, all I ask is that you keep it civil and allow me to use your question and my answer on this website.   You may choose for me to divulge your name or leave you anonymous, but I will likely add it to explain anything I put on here to clarify myself for the benefit of other readers.  Thank you.

Restoring the Constitution

We The People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

    While this should be self-explanatory, I can not assume that for everyone.  As an elected Senator, my oath of office will include that “I will defend the Constitution of The United States of America from all enemies, foreign and domestic and that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same.”  I took that same oath in 1993 and nobody has relieved me of that oath even though I couldn’t physically serve as I intended to serve in the United States Army, I meant those words then as much as I do now.  It is the Domestic enemies of the Constitution that I choose to stand against now, I don’t care what party or what claim of benevolence they bring with them.
    That means that if a bill does not AT THE LEAST bring the Federal Government closer to the Constitutional restraints that it is supposed to OBEY, I can not and WILL NOT VOTE IN FAVOR OF IT.  Now, we all know that this process will not happen in any one bill or even a ratified Constitutional amendment so, in order to not just simply be a no vote on everything, I will have to require that a bill at least bring our Government closer to being Constitutional.  If there is at least some return in that direction, I can consider voting for it, otherwise, NO!
I support Rights of the people, States Rights and reducing Federal power.
       The sole and complete reason I am running is to restore the rights of the Citizens and the sovereignty of the States.  I am running to devolve the power and cost of the Federal Government.  I am running is to REMIND THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT THAT THEY WORK FOR US, NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND!
I will be loyal to constituents, not a party.
​        ​To put a spin one of my favorite talk show host’s tag lines:
​   I am a Constitutional Patriot first. A conservative second. And a Republican last.  IF IT IS NOT THE RIGHT THING TO DO, I DON’T CARE IF THE PARTY WANTS IT AND I DON’T CARE IF THE PARTY LEADER IN THE SENATE WANTS IT, I WILL NOT SUPPORT IT!
I support the America First Agenda.
​        Absolutely no GLOBALISM.  This is more than just #MAGA.  The sovereignty of the United States and our citizens is PARAMOUNT.  No agenda 21, no global citizen movement, etc.  If something comes before me that does not fit the Constitution or bring us closer to it, I WILL FIGHT TO STOP IT WITH EVERY TOOL THE SENATE HAS TO OFFER.  If a treaty does not respect or put OUR REPUBLIC FIRST, then I WILL NOT VOTE TO RATIFY IT.
VETERANS AND CITIZENS BEFORE ILLEGAL ALIENS. I don’t care if you like that term or not.  If you prefer another term, the only alternative I will offer is CRIMINAL INVADERS.
I’ve been witness to protests around the country through the news most of my life.  The one true constant that I have found is that most of the protesters have at least some genuine grievance.  While RACISM AND HATE of ANY KIND is ABSOLUTELY EVIL, often times these groups have some genuine statement that they truly believe needs to made. 
If your group has something that needs said and there is something I, as senator, can do to make things better for your group, I will honestly listen and do what I can for you but you MUST USE THE RIGHT OF ASSEMBLY AND REDRESS PEACEFULLY! IF YOU GET VIOLENT OR START LOOTING OTHER PEOPLE’S PRIVATE PROPERTY, YOUR RIGHTS ARE FORFEIT AND ALL YOU DESERVE IS TO BE ARRESTED!


First, addressing something that will likely be said against me at some point just because I am a Republican.  I absolutely despise racism of any kind and from any race to any other, period.  And anyone that wishes to accuse me of racism better have a working periscope because their head is so far up the wrong end of their body that they need something to see where they are going!  Yes, I am white.  But here is an event that can be confirmed by my long time friend, Randy Jennings:  When I was fifteen and he was a little older, we were once at a truck stop in Rawlins, Wyoming and an older man with a lot of tattoos tried to recruit us into the “White Power” movement.  In unison without any doubt or word, Randy and I knocked him on his butt.  We didn’t have to think or say anything about it and we walked out of the restroom that he approached us in without any regret.  I have met other racists since then, and one was a girlfriend I found out was one and left her as soon as I did.  As long as they aren’t trying to foster their belief on me, bygones be bygones.  Although if they spoke to me with an open mind, I tried to help them understand that they were wrong and why.  For me, the ONLYtime that your skin color matters to me is if I have to give a physical description of you to someone who doesn’t know anything about you, that is it.
   All that being said, Black Lives Matter do have a genuine grievance.  There really are places and times when minorities get pulled over or questioned just because of where they are and their skin color.  When that happens, it should be addressed and consequences to the officer must happen.  Should it be an immediate firing, no, but the context of the event needs questioned at the least.  However, that does not give you the right to disrespect or get violent with the police or other people over it.
   The first amendment confirms the right of everyone to peacefully speak their mind and assemble with others likewise.  As abhorrent as white supremacists, neo-nazis and the KKK are, as long as they are peacefully assembling, they have the same right to do so as any other group assembling and peacefully protesting does.  The first amendment says they have the right to speak.  However, it does not force you nor I to listen and it does not stop you or I from telling our kids and others that we believe they are wrong and loathsome.  So, gut-check, as long as they are not violent or trying to lynch anyone, it applies to them too.  If you’re offended by them, don’t give them the attention they are hoping for and that really is the best way to make them go away.
  To “antifa:”  While you might have genuine grievances too, if you are hiding your faces and gearing up for violence, you are not anti-fascist, you are the fascist.  Especially if you are doing this to defend and promote socialist or communist government because that is what the fascists were. 
   Now, about those confederate statues and statues of the founders:  Yes, the practice of slavery was totally and completely evil and wrong.  However, most of the soldiers fighting for the Confederate States were not fighting for slavery and very few of them owned slaves.  They were fighting for their State Sovereignty.  In part this concept was left over from the earlier Articles of Confederation (where the CSA got their name) but it was also retained in the Constitution.  Most of the ones that were truly loyal to the CSA truly believed that the Union was trying to take that away from them.  While this understanding is not widely taught any more, our Constitution is designed to give us a peaceful and unified Republic, not just a single “Nation.”  If you read The Constitution, you will not find the word nation or national government in it.  It is not there.  We are supposed to be a Republican Union of States and the word States in the Constitution is always capitalized, meaning that each of them are supposed to be their own independent little country, only unified by the Constitutional government.  Now, if you wish to move statues and monuments to these men to a museum where those concepts can be explained, that is a debate worth having but to utterly destroy them is to erase history and that is also wrong.