My Profile

Date of Birth: June 23rd, 1975
Place of Birth:  Honolulu, HI
Residence:  Murfreesboro, TN, Outside of the City
Current employment:  OTR Truck driver, Big G Express, Shelbyville, TN

Work Ethics

My career history establishes a record of being results oriented. I truly understand the lives and needs of regular working people. I stepped up to promote and offer a path to do it right again so our children and beyond can enjoy the free republic that we are supposed to be!

In my 15 years driving, I have owned my business as an owner operator successfully for four of them. I have picked up and or delivered to the military, oil refineries, coal mines, the rail road, the recycling at multiple stages and products as well as a multitude of other industries all across 48 States. For some of that time, I drove and worked for a refinery and participated in EPA work there as well.  I’ve done work on or related to pipe lines, both for water and oil and worked at pipeline transfer and dispensary points too. I have been a vital part of the supply chain from gas in your car to your car itself. (maybe even literally)  Also from the food you eat, clothes you wear, the house or apartment you live in, even the school supplies you send with your children.

I have been part of the work in city water and sewer, electric and cable lines both above and under ground, retail and lower level management, yes, I have even been a school janitor and swimming pool operator at the very high school I graduated from.

Admittedly, formally, I only have a high school diploma however, I have studied the Constitution and the intent of the framers for well over a decade.  I pay attention to government since the days of Rush Limbaugh’s TV show in the early 90’s  I know how it really is supposed to work, even in this modern era and they have been doing it WRONG for a hundred years, incrementally usurping power and responsibility of the people and of the States that they have not amended the Constitution to allow.

Feel Free to Contact Me

As with anyone that may wish to ask questions or
find out more about me as a candidate and how I would govern, please feel welcome to contact me. 
My direct email address is,
My phone number is (615) 869-8658
Those both go to me, not some staffer or phone bank.  However, I am a truck driver so if it goes to voicemail, leave one or give me time to answer safely and legally.  I will be happy to do phone interviews or set up more direct interaction here in Tennessee!


Being a long time listener to conservative talk radio, I am hoping to reach out to the shows I normally listen to as well as others.  I am working while I am campaigning and since that means driving an eighteen wheeler, I may have to do those interviews while I am on a Bluetooth head set.
  During scheduled interviews, I will try to be parked so that won’t be necessary but I can’t promise that. 
I know it causes a sound issue on the hosts end of the conversation so I will try to avoid it. 
If I am driving, hands free is both the law and for safety concerns. 
Please understand.  Thank you.