Your Voice Matters

As a United States Senator, I will be serving you!  What you have to say matters to me.  Questions you feel the need to ask matter to me even if you disagree with me.  Whether you fund my campaign or not, I will be working for you!  I prefer emails because I do drive for a living and I don’t want to be unsafe.  I ask that calls that aren’t scheduled in advance to be limited between 10 am and 8 pm central time because I most often deal with current customers in the early morning and need to get adequate rest at night to drive safely the next day.  However, I will make exceptions for scheduled phone calls and phone interviews.

Contact Information

(615) 869-8658
Please keep calls between 10 am and 8 pm CST
If you wish to text that is fine but note that I drive for a living and may take a while to answer you.

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