I am a proud Tennessean by choice!

Some people may believe that it is important to have someone in office with a generational family history here in Tennessee.  I cannot offer that.  However, I can offer that I am here because Tennessee is where I want to be, not just because this is where I was born.  I am originally from Wyoming and my current career as a professional commercial driver is one that can provide a decent living anywhere in the United States and many other countries as well.  I chose to come to Tennessee, this is where I call home.  Don’t get me wrong, I am proud of my Wyoming roots but I want you to understand that I am here in Rutherford County, Tennessee because this is where I want to be!  Now, after making my home here, I want to serve you!

The Big Picture Issues

Our service members write the rest of us a blank check when they raise their hand to serve. Coming from a family with many who have served and having tried myself even though I physically wasn’t able to, I know that first hand. The least we can do is take care of them and their families when they come home and when they do not!

The right to keep and bear arms is the ultimate civil right. Aside from that, unless the second amendment is repealed, our federal legislators have no legal grounds to vote for any infringement of this right unless they are voting to repeal any infringements already in place. I am also a strong supporter of National Right To Carry!

The freedom of speech and press is the bedrock of a truly free society. Everyone has the right to speak but that does not mean that you have the right to be heard. If your speech supports hatred of any kind, the rest of us have the right and duty to ignore you. In order to keep that freedom we may have to let you speak but we don’t have to listen!

The freedom of religion applies just as much to Christians and Jews as it does to Muslims, Pagans and Atheists. As long as your practice doesn’t include harming or trampling the rights of others you are free to believe and practice as you wish. Seek the truth of your existence as you see fit but you have no right to force it on anyone else!

The Federal Government does so much more than the Constitution allows. As a result it costs  much more than it should and stifles the rest of us in ways most can’t even imagine. We the people have to reign it back in to it’s Constitutional boundaries before the size and weight of it crushes us beyond repair! THE COSTS MUST BE CUT!

Not only do they take almost 40% of most people’s’incomes, if you count the compounding corporate taxes in the supply chain, over 40% of the cost of EVERYTHING YOU BUY is to pay taxes as well. can you imagine the staggering economic growth we could have if even half of that was back in OUR OWN POCKETS?

While I am not naive enough to believe these problems don’t exist, I personally don’t practice them at all. Just because your skin tone or income are different than mine, as long as you are a legal citizen, your rights and privileges are the exact same as mine. This means your responsibilities and expectations are the same as mine too!

My thoughts on climate change are simple. The climate changes! If it didn’t change we wouldn’t have evolved. Anyone that understands science knows this. Earth has been both much hotter and much colder than it is now, both of which since we became homo sapien and both of which before the industrial revolution.

I will expose and oppose any corruption I discover in the course of my service.
​         I won’t wait until I’m out of office and write a book.  I won’t wait until some mass exposure to address such things.  I will do so WHEN I become aware of it.  I may have to investigate in order to have evidence first but I will not wait until it becomes a national story or any other such nonsense to address such things.  Only waiting until I can prove it, nothing more.


We need more people in both the House and the Senate that truly understand the difference between Local, State and Federal governments, especially in the United States Senate.

A Truck Driver in politics?

I know that when most people picture a truck driver in their mind, what they imagine is not someone they would want to see in political office.  However, my experience in this industry may serve you better than you might expect!
  First, to me there is no such thing as “fly over country.”  That is an expression by the coastal, metropolitan “elite.”  I have been in many places from the big cities between buildings a dozens of stories tall to small farms and ranches miles away from any paved road.  I’ve known many good people in slums and project hoods, out in the hollers and sticks as well as places where almost every bank account has more than one comma in the balance.  I’ve picked up and delivered in or near places like that all across the continental 48 States.  All of these parts of the country and this State are just as important as any of the others.
   Second, I have been a small business owner as an owner-operator so I know how complex and overbearing things like the tax burden and the Affordable Care Act truly are, given that I had dreams of expanding my business.  And yes, I started it this last time under the Obama administration so I am not exaggerating.
  Third, having hauled supplies and materials for all kinds of businesses, I know how many stages most products on the store shelf go through as well as how many companies are involved in the making and packaging of them. and much more.
  As for how it may help me in the act and process of legislation, you should know that truck and bus drivers have an entire section of Federal and State laws specifically written for us.  While we don’t have to memorize or be able to cite them off verbatim, we do have to understand them well enough to both be in compliance and use them to work safely and legally.  There is also an entire structure of law enforcement specifically for this industry so we have to be informed.  To top that, having been a hazardous materials driver, I had even more laws and regulations to deal with.  Having also been a Terminal Safety Representative in that hazmat trucking company, I had to know them even better if I had to refer to them while serving the company in that capacity.   I won’t be confused or lost in the reading or use of legislative language.

With refinery, oil and fuel trucking experience as well as vac-truck experience at Sinclair refinery in Sinclair, WY, I understand the vital role oil has in the energy industry as we try to find cleaner and safer alternatives for it.  Even though I only played a small part in that refinery and its’ truck operations, I learned from it first hand.  I will take that with me to the office of Senator.

Fifteen years in or very near to the driver’s seat, working regular jobs from the age of sixteen and working for a living from the age of eighteen without a life of privilege during any of it, I will be taking a strong work ethic to the office as well as a real understanding of what we average citizens have to contend with all of our lives.

There is no sense running from it.  I do not have political experience.  However, I feel that is actually a good thing.  People going to Congress from local government bring in a local government mindset with them.  The Federal Government is not supposed to micromanage every little thing that we do!  Our municipalities, counties (or parishes) and States are the ones that should handle most laws and regulations.  That does not mean that there is little to no place for Federal Laws.  We know that there are crimes that cross State and international borders and we know that land, water and air aren’t limited to city and State lines.  We also know that with the ease of travel, people causing harm to others can cross State lines faster than they could when The Constitution was written.  There is a need for Federal Government to keep us together as a civil society.  People with the mindset needed to manage local governments can learn that new way of thinking when transitioning to Federal government but as we can see from the layers of Federal bureaucracy and law written in the last hundred years, often times, they don’t!