Aaron Pettigrew
for U.S. Senate

Nothing’s going to change until 

change it!


Elected office of any kind is a position of public service.
  As Senator for the Great State of Tennessee, this is something I will never forget! 

Tesla shares As your Senator, I will be your employee. I will use my time in Washington to work for you!

Time not spent in Washington will be time spent with YOU, in different places in Tennessee, so that YOU can come speak to me in person, in your County.

We will address YOUR comments and concerns together.

I am running because I believe that with a modern vision of these United States of America, with the potential of this ever changing technological and scientific revolution, while holding on to the spirit of THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE, WE THE PEOPLE can truly keep this republic the best and strongest the world has ever known.

I am running because whether you agree with President Trump or not, he has demonstrated that one person can, with conviction and motivation, fight to keep the promises that they made during their campaign.  Others in government may not wish to help but it still CAN BE DONE!

I am not running to get rich in politics. I am not a wealthy man so I am not able to serve without the pay, but I will not be participating in the Congressional pension plan.

For me, this is an office of service, not one of lifetime financial gain.  I also don’t care for how special interests and lobbyists bribe their way into political favor.  I believe politicians spend FAR TOO MUCH time and energy raising side money to honestly govern as we need them to.

   I am not running to become one of these antiquated, permanent fixtures in the Senate or House of Representatives.  I do believe in term limits.  I am motivated to not support any special rules to apply to myself that would not apply to you!

   I am not running to tow the party line.  Neither party has done the right thing for decades; although sometimes they have both done it by accident. 


Buy Tesla shares We need more people in both the House and the Senate that truly understand the difference between
Local, State and Federal governments. 

We need people that will truly stand up for the principle of STATE SOVEREIGNTY!

We are Tennessee! We are just as free to run our state as California or New York. We shouldn’t have to pay for the mistakes of those other states when they spend more than they get in revenue!

We are Tennessee and we need a Senator that is just as proud to be a Tennessee citizen as
he is proud to be a United States Citizen. invest in Tesla shares

I am a proud Tennessean by choice!

WE THE PEOPLE are hungry for a new crop of politicians that speak from the heart
even if we don’t always agree with them!

I will say what I believe and stand by what I say!

I Believe

The Constitution of the United States holds more answers to the needs of this modern republic than the majority of politicians give it credit for! If those needs change to such an extent that The Constitution doesn't answer them, there are two ways to change it.

I Believe

That we can no longer afford to keep voting in the same kinds of politicians to either house of congress.  While I see myself as a republican, neither party has demonstrated the courage to CUT the cost of government!

I Believe

The time is now to remind the Federal government that they work for us, WE DO NOT WORK FOR THEM! This is one thing that I will ALWAYS remember as one of the two senators from Tennessee!

I Believe

If our government would return to embracing both CONSTITUTIONAL PRINCIPLES and advances in SCIENCE and TECHNOLOGY, we could usher in a time of GROWTH AND PROSPERITY beyond any that even our republic has ever seen or even imagined!

I Believe

If we do these things and start NOW, we can begin leading the rest of the world on a more prosperous and perhaps even peaceful path that would be much better for the future of humanity as a whole!

Aaron Pettigrew
Candidate for
U.S Senate

Hello, my name is Aaron Pettigrew and I am a Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate in Tennessee.  I am pro life, pro freedom of speech, pro freedom of religion, and pro Second Amendment.  I am also pro privacy rights as well as pro States rights.  I am running to restore Constitutional constraints on our Federal Government.  I will fight to restore your Constitutional freedoms.  I will fight to stop Federal debt spending and I will fight to make Citizens and Veterans our priority over invading aliens and world-wide refugees.  I believe that returning to a Constitutional and only a Constitutional Federal Government is the best and only way to “make America great again.”  I believe that if we act now, we can make that happen with common sense steps that really will benefit everyone but if we wait too much longer, it won’t be that easy.  Nothing’s going to change until “WE THE PEOPLE” change it!  Thank you for your time, God bless and take care.

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